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How can I find something specific on your site?

It's best to use the Site Menu Map here.

Can I change the Flash title slides' text?

No. These are embedded into PowerPoint slides. You can however change Swish generated files and save to Flah format. The free swish file downloads are here and the program can be purchased here. I highly recommend Swish instead of Flash by the way if you want to save about a thousand bucks and a huge learning curve!

I don't know anything at all about PowerPoint but we have to use it now for work/school etc. What's a good way to start learning?

Start at the Help section here.

I am a Power User for PowerPoint - do you have anything for me?

Yes! You can further enhance your presentations by getting icons, bullets, dingbats, business quotations and some very useful tips and tricks about design and more at Brainybetty. You can also take the advanced graphics tutorial here and learn how to make your own special templates.

Do you have a store where I can buy a book on PowerPoint?

Yes - go here.

Who is Brainybetty?

You can read more about me here.

I want to make the Flash slides! How do I do that?

The best place to start is to purchase Swish or Flash and start learning. Swish has a faster learning curve from my experience and is hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Do you take on custom work for hire?

Occasionally. Shoot me an email - brainybetty (at) gmail (dot) com) with your requirements and any budget you must work within.

What are the terms of use for items on this site?

You can freely download and use anything for business, educational or personal use but you cannot sell anything found here or make it part of a collection of downloads from any other site or any other media. Read the Terms here.

I'm a teacher. Is there anything on this site for me?

Yes! Start here for access to hundreds of free resources especially for educators.

Now that I have downloaded some PowerPoint template backgrounds I like, how do I get them to show up in my list of choices when I open PowerPoint?

Well, this answer really depends on where you have the original templates file located on your computer and what version of Microsoft PowerPoint you have on your system. For this configuration: PowerPoint 2003 running on a Windows XP or 2000 Professional system - the path to add the downloads is:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAMEHERE\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

and usually, the YOURNAMEHERE field will be the first initial and last name. So, for example, it will be jdoe for John Doe. But remember, this will be different for the system you have depending on versions of PowerPoint and your operating system.

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